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Appetizers – Soups

Honey and chili roasted king prawns 2940 Ft
Grilled goat cheese breaded pistachio with garden salads 2520 Ft
Ceasar salad: Classic, Chicken, King prawns      1890 Ft 2590 Ft 2940Ft
Grilled foie gras, served with brioche 2870 Ft
Potato cream soup, fried sausage slices 1190 Ft
Cream of green pea soup with parma chips 1190 Ft
Soup of the day 1190 Ft
Traditional goulash soup 1610 Ft

Bistro main dishes

Wild garlic risotto with roastes chicken breast 2940 Ft
Chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese and catalan salad 3360 Ft
Mozzarella and eggplant tower with spinach and fried parsley 3220 Ft
Giant Wienerschnitzel with cold Bayern potato salad 4340 Ft
Panko breadcrumbs fried chicken with mashed potatoes and peach compotes 2730 Ft
Beef steak with grilled porcini mushrooms and potatoes provence style 6860 Ft
T-bone steak served with fried potato,fresh salad and grilled vegetables (500g) 8120 Ft
Argentinian Rib-eye steak (400g) with basil, tomato and potato  8680 Ft
Salmon steak with lemon grass sauce and crunchy vegetables 3920 Ft
BBQ ribs (500g) 4620 Ft
Red tuna steak marinated in teriyaki, wasabi and wok vegetables 5460 Ft

Street foods

Strozzapreti with mozzarella and dried tomatoes 2730 Ft
Bistro Burger  2240 Ff
Lasagne 2940 Ft
Spaghetti aglio olio with prawns (5 pieces) 3640 Ft
Penne arrabiata 2240 Ft

Thai rice variations

Vegetable 2100 Ft
Chichken 2590 Ft
King prawns 3290 Ft

Hungarian Dishes

Appetizers – Soups

Rustic village plate: 1 persons 2800 Ft
Rustic village plate: 2 persons 4200 Ft
Beef meat broth with vegetables and stuffed ravioli 1400 Ft
Grilled goose liver in brioche with rucola  2870 Ft
Traditional goulash soup 1610 Ft
Cream of potato soup topped with roasted sausage chips 1190 Ft

Main courses

Chicken „paprikás” with homemade buttered noodles 2730 Ft
Beef stew with egg barley and letcho 3850 Ft
Grilled bone-in veal chop with potatoes gratin 5320 Ft
Beef steak „Budapest” style 6860 Ft
Homemade pork sausage with stuffed, fried french toast and pickles 3080 Ft
Pork slices “brasso” style with pickles 2730 Ft
Duck brest steak served with porcini mushroom risotto 4410 Ft
Grilled goose liver with Tokaj pear and mashed potatoes 5460 Ft
Pepper crust baked pork with red cabbage pure and hash browns 4200 Ft
Crispy duck leg with apple red cabbage and mashed potatoes 3990 Ft
Skin-on fried Branzino served potatoes with fresh green herbs and creamed spinach 4900 Ft
Chorizo risotto with king prawns 3850 Ft


Brownie and vanilla ice cream 1400 Ft
Cheese cake with candied lemon and lime 1400 Ft
Sponge cake with caramelized walnuts 1400 Ft
Swiss roll with lemon foam 1400 Ft
Mascarpone cream with hot chocolate sauce 1400 Ft


A számla végösszegéhez 12% szervízdíjat számolunk fel.

Az euro árak tájékoztató jellegűek (~300 Ft / ).

Fél adag ételért a teljes ár 75%-át számítjuk fel.