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Appetizers – Soups

Buffalo mozzarella with with rainbow tomatoes and basil oil 2190 Ft
Tuna ceviche with fresh mango, watermelon and chili 1990 Ft
Avocado tartare with home-marinated salmon and poached egg      2390Ft
Dips of the day served with fresh vegetables and grissini 690 Ft
Goulash soup with „csipetke” homemade noodles 1390 Ft
Soup of the day 990 Ft
Roasted-tomato soup with parmesan chips 1725 Ft

Main dishes

Pecorino fried zucchini, stuffed with spicy vegetable stew served with slightly hot
tomato sauce
2590 Ft
Saffron cauliflower risotto with lemon shrimps and fried cauliflower 3290 Ft
Pan seared salmon and tiger prawn with zucchini spaghetti 3990 Ft
Iberico pork tenderloin, jerusalem artichoke puree with fried celery and sweet
2990 Ft
Hungarian Cattle rib-eye with potato tart, Fried Padrón peppers and cherry tomatoes 5590 Ft


Cobb Salad (iceberg lettuce, eggs, avocado, tomatoes, bacon, blue cheese and fried
chicken breast)
2790 Ft
Chili mango salad and fried shrimps  2990 Ft
Salad Nicoise with grilled red tuna, green beans and 6 minutes eggs 3290 Ft
Salad Nicoise with grilled red tuna, green beans and 6 minutes eggs 2190 Ft
Superfood Salad II – mixed salad, mango, avocado, feta, red radish, green apple and
baguette chips
2490 Ft


Pan-fried prawns with honey and chili 2590 Ft
Spaghetti aglio olio with prawns 3590 Ft
Red tuna steak marinated in teriyaki, wasabi and wok vegetables 3990 Ft
Fried panko chicken with mashed potatoes and peach compote 2990 Ft
Chicken Breast stuffed with goat cheese, served with dry tomato and orange salad 2990 Ft
Duck liver (foie gras), red bell pepper and pearl barley risotto and fried onions 3990 Ft
Duck breast steak served with porcini mushroom risotto and parmesan 3990 Ft
Grey beef steak fillet with provence potatoes and porcini ragout 5590 Ft
Buger „Rossini” with duck liver, bacon, truffle mayo and sweet potatoes 2990 Ft


Dessert of the day 990 Ft
Mascarpone cream with hot chocolate sauce 1190 Ft
Sponge cake with caramelized walnuts 1190 Ft
Ice cream cup 1190 Ft
Cheese plate 2490 Ft

A service fee of 12% will be added to the invoice.

Prices in Euro are for informational purposes only (~300 HUF / 1 EUR).

We charge 75% of the full price for half portions.